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Subordinate Units of Ben Thanh TSC
Subordinate Units of Ben Thanh TSC
Ben Thanh Jewelry Center (19/04/2010)
Ben Thanh Jewelry Center is located at the ground floor and half-storey floor of Ben Thanh TSC Building (186 – 188 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1). Since early of 2009, the Center has operated under new-constructed material facilities, presently covering 50 customers inclusive of private enterprises and individuals renting premises for trading jewelries and precious stones …
Dan Sinh Center (19/04/2010)
Dan Sinh market is an age-old famous market in Ho Chi Minh City with regular and busy trading operations. Dan Sinh market specializes in trading types of products for manufacture, industry, electronic products, and household appliances and so on. The Company directly manages and develops 54 stalls for all at Dan Sinh Market. Dan Sinh Center is one of the main trade centers of the Company.
East Ben Thanh Center (19/04/2010)
East Ben Thanh Center includes 30 (thirty) stalls concentrated in lobby area from the East to the South entrance of Ben Thanh Market.
West Ben Thanh Center (19/04/2010)
West Ben Thanh Center is located in lobby area, spreading from the West to the South entrance of Ben Thanh Market with over 40 (forty) stalls.
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